Monday, 11 June 2007

Caught Napping

The scene is your usual summer afternoon ManTech class. Just how anyone can ramble away on the best possible angle for the tool during a turning operation, for fifty minutes, when he is greeted by a sea of sleepy faces, is beyond me. While most of my classmates are cursing themselves for not bringing pillows along, I'm keeping myself entertained by observing the different spatial configurations a body can take when exposed to soporific stimuli.

Over the four months I underwent the course, I made some very interesting observations.

  • The most common one was the expected hands folded on the table, head cradled between them.
  • The rarest one has to be TI's. He just takes up any posture as long as its humanly possible, and each one seems more impossible than the previous one.
  • The most outrageous of them all? Uss, hands down. Chin propped on elbows, head inexplicably following the prof's every move, face stoic, yet in deep sleep. With appropriate artwork on his eyelids, you'd think he's wide awake and all ears.
Though not ManTech, not mentioning Frame's little incident in Mr R's class would be blasphemous.

Our man is sitting in the very first bench and has crashed himself into oblivion. Just picture the rude shock he would have got when he is awakened with the following:
Waat ees thees gentilman! sleeping een the first bench! Go drown yuwar face and come!
-Mr R
The unnecessary emphasis on 'the' is not mine.

Frame has ever since developed a mysterious dislike for the first bench.


Ajit said...

From the depth of your observations, I conclude that you are a die-hard first bencher too.

Aditya said...

:) Just mentioned the most interesting ones.

Santhosh said...

Benjamin Franklin said " I think opinions should be judged by their influences and effects; and if a man holds none that tend to make him less virtuous or more vicious, it may be concluded that he holds none that are dangerous, which I hope is the case with me."
There are already so many opinions about ManTech class and it's useful by products
are just a few.

I will just follow the advice of Benjamin Franklin and keep out.. But anyways, an accurate description of Man Tech is never complete with out the crossword puzzles of the back benches.

Mohan K.V said...

"different spatial configurations a body can take when exposed to soporific stimuli." Young man, that just became the most eligible topic for this year's IgNobel prizes!

How did the course go? Results out yet?

Aditya said...

You've just put an idea in my head regarding the IgNobel! Results out, did well. I somehow managed to get one of the three S' given. Don't ask me how! I always thought LVR was a bit more generous with grades.

Onymous said...

Volumes can be written on Mr R. I have had the misfortune of running into him at the most unexpected places and times -- the swimming pool one summer day, near GC (I was riding my cycle and he was on his moped) one Saturday at 05.30 a.m. (!)
And well, KNR and I were mixed up in a hilarious mishap on account of Mr R. I've chronicled it. Will send you.

A good post, this.